Homemade Juice and Iced Tea

Ok. Ok. This one does sound strange, but trust me, its tasty!  This recipe was developed completely by accident, and now I can’t get enough.  Most mornings I prefer a liquid breakfast.  Now, before you get any crazy ideas about what I’m drinking before heading off to work, let me set you straight.  I like juice.  Fresh juice.  Homemade juice.  Basically, its important for me to know what I am fueling myself with.  This isn’t always easy, but for breakfast it works.  I make my own juice from fresh and/or frozen fruit and orange juice.  One morning in particular it was a little later than usual and a little more sleepy than usual. My juice came out way too thick – undrinkable.  It need to be a bit thinner.  Not wanting it to be watery,  i didn’t want to add more water and I just finished the last drops of OJ.  So, looking around my kitchen for a spoon to try to eat this stuff, my eyes found the big pitcher of iced tea that I had made the night before.  Hum…good idea?  Maybe.  Not one to say no to tea, ever, I poured a small amount in my juice.  Then found that spoon i was looking for a stirred.  The first sip was good, but still to thick.  More tea?  More delicious!  And there you have it.  The story of how juice with iced tea came to be.  Since then the recipe has been tinkered with and its now a winner every time.
For this recipe you will need a blender or juicer and pre-made iced tea, chilled
Iced Tea:

I had used a fruit tea and black tea combo, but you can use whatever you heart desires.

1 banana, peeled
1/4 cup blueberries,
1/4 cups strawberries, frozen
1/4 cup OJ
1/2 crushed ice


Blend until smooth or run through the juicer.
Then add 1/4  to 1/2 cup of iced tea, to taste.  Thats it!  Enjoy!  Feel free to experiment with different fruits and have fun with it!  Be sure to let us know if you come up with an interesting mix.

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