Tea for the Holidays

Let me put our love of tea into perspective for you.  Dial it back a few years to just before Christmas, 2004… Katie had the great idea to give our six roommates and ourselves the gift of tea.  She discovered a massive tea gift basket with more flavors and types than anyone could imagine.  I couldn’t have been more excited about this!  A new and different kind of tea everyday, for months?  What could be better?!?  We easily convinced everyone else, and so it began.  Amazingly, it worked out that for every variety of tea in the basket each person got two tea bags… just wonderful.  Keep in mind that at the time Katie and I were students at Syracuse University, otherwise known as “The land of ice and snow”, so a fresh variety of steaming hot tea was just the thing we needed for the winter!  From then on we have always talked to each other about tea, new types that we like and how just the right cup can hit the spot so perfectly.  Now we want to share our love of tea here on our blog!



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