Hello world!

Hello world! Stay tuned for our posts about all things tea! We’re working on our first real post now and can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime you can find more info on the “about us” and “our favorite things” pages.

What’s my VERY favorite tea thing? This amazing travel mug! Inside at the top is a little basket. You put your teabag or loose tea in the basket, lower the lever on the side, steep tea, and left when it’s reached the desired strength. No more tea getting too strong in the to-go mug! And it’s got a good top that doesn’t leak. Since I like to just toss things in my purse, this is important!


*We’ll always tell you if we received free product or are featuring paid advertising. I actually bought this product, and love it. No one paid us to put it here on the blog. We did, however, set up our own delectable amazon store so you can get one for yourself. Enjoy!


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